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At Kindly Beast we’ve made some frighteningly fun games like Bendy and the Ink Machine that turned out to be quite the beast, thanks to our fans. However, we never want to be known as monsters. We're the kindly indies who are making games because we love it. And we intend to stay that way. With lots more to come!



Kindly Beast Inc.
Based in Ottawa, Canada

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Bendy and the Ink Machine
Bendy in Nightmare Run

Coming Soon:
Showdown Bandit
Bendy and the Dark Revival


Kindly Beast Inc. is known for their unique and atmospheric gaming experiences. Through the use of inventive original characters and innovative storytelling, they craft games for gamers both old and new. Pairing dark themes with humorous twists, every game is an adventure.



Kindly Beast Inc. was founded by TheMeatly (Art Director, Game Designer) and Mike Mood (Lead Programmer, CEO) in 2015 and instantly became a fan favorite with their small game title, "MeatlyMakes", based on the theMeatly comics.
In 2017, Kindly Beast Inc. launched the first chapter of "Bendy and the Ink Machine" to worldwide acclaim under Joey Drew Studios Inc.