Kindly Beast is an indie game studio located in Ottawa, Ontario. We created the Bendy™ franchise and the popular game Bendy and The Ink Machine™, and are now excited to be working on game projects such as, Bendy and the Dark Revival, Bendy in Nightmare Run, and Showdown Bandit across PC, mobile, and console. We’re growing our team and would love to have you join us. Applicants from all backgrounds and lifestyles are welcome!

At this time we’re looking for you to join us in house in our Ottawa office, must be a Canadian resident.

Please send your application and portfolio to jobs@kindlybeast.com or mike.baker@kindlybeast.com

We are hiring multiple developer positions for the following projects:

  • Bendy in Nightmare Run

  • Showdown Bandit

  • Studio Wide Supporting Software

Senior Developer

We’re on the hunt for a Senior Developer.

We’re looking specifically for Canadian applicants to work in our Ottawa, Canada office.

Please include a portfolio with relevant work, clearly indicating work created by you.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Your primary concern is building systems and implementing features for games deployed on PC, Console, and Mobile platforms.

    • Your approach is to Assimilate, Understand, THEN improve.

    • Joining a new team or company there are always things that look like they can be improved. Your approach is to assume there’s a good reason for everything being done the way it is and focus first on learning why things are the way they are before proposing alternatives.

    • You likely have some great experiences and practices from previous teams and we want to hear all about them! Just understand our context first.

  • You may be an expert or more specialized in an area than your team lead. This is expected. Leads are generalists and don’t spend all day coding.

    • Leads will lean on you for recommendations

    • Your recommendation won’t always be followed. Sometimes the lead will pursue a different direction based on factors outside of what are exposed to you.

    • You work on a team where Leads and the VP of Tech are happy to help provide more context when a decision doesn’t make sense. We’ve all been there before where we disagreed with a management decision from our perspective.

  • As a Senior Developer you will be expected to understand how your task/feature fits into the bigger picture and implement/coordinate with others as needed.

    • You think through features, identify risks and missing details before starting implementation

    • You communicate and coordinate with other disciplines to accomplish tasks (Illustration, Audio, 3D etc) while keeping your Product Owner and Dev Lead in the loop.

    • You will be asked to estimate task effort and will be held to those estimates. It’s key that you understand the requested task completely.

    • Expect your code to be reviewed, often. Trust that questions or suggestions from colleagues are always coming from the best intentions.

      • When in doubt objectivite improvements trump personal preference or stylistic changes.

  • Part of your job will involve solving difficult or long running problems that include:

    • Profiling performance, Debugging issues that only happen in production with live users, or other challenging issues.

    • You’ll be expected to become an expert in the tools available to you (Debugger, LiveOps tools, Profiler, etc..) even if nobody on the team has used them before.

    • Lean on your colleagues for an initial crash course if this issue is in a new domain.

    • As the most experienced, and dev focused tier of dev in the shop you’re the most capable of solving this problem.

    • You set a good example for the more junior devs. Bounce ideas off your colleagues,  be creative, keep taking educated shots in the dark until something sticks.

    • You make sure to keep communicating with the team what you’ve tried and your discoveries.

  • From time to time you will be asked to propose a technical solution to a problem. This may include:

    • Identifying potential issues or shortcomings of systems

    • Evaluate different approaches and documenting pros/cons

    • Providing overall recommendations and summaries to project leads

    • Designing a sprawling system that will influence many other dependent tasks

  • No is never an answer to a feature request. There are always workarounds, compromises or alternative approaches. Figure out what problem we’re actually trying to solve and propose alternatives.

    • Are we bound by time? Number of developers? Technical limitations?

  • You’re not alone

    • You collaborate with other team members devise solutions to technical or gameplay challenges

    • You provide mentorship and guidance to more junior developers. Keeping feedback objective, constructive and positive.

    • You regularly review and provide feedback to Pull Requests that teammates submit

  • Keep sharp

    • You stay abreast of the latest techniques and technologies related to our tech stack and target platforms.

    • You review release notes for major tools we use and identify opportunities

  • Give Back

    • As you develop solutions you’ll be expected to identify when they’d be valuable additions to our common libraries.

    • If you’re not finding time to polish up work for library contribution you’ll talk to your Lead or the VP of Technology. We’ll make time.


  • Canadian Resident

  • 3+ years of professional experience with Unity/C#

  • Strong software engineering skills and object oriented programming

  • Strong debugging and profiler skills

  • Strong understanding common version control systems and practices

  • Familiar with all the tools used in the creation of a game (3DSMax, Photoshop, etc...)

  • Has shipped at least 3 highly interactive or game products on multiple platforms

  • Provide code samples with application

  • Bonus: Bachelors or higher in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or equivalent

Special Consideration Given to:

  • AGILE and Scrum experience

  • Shipped titles (indie or AAA)

What we Offer:

  • Full-time position

  • Flexible working hours

  • The opportunity to work on a rapidly growing IP.

  • A permissive company culture that encourages creative problem solving, transparency, and independence.

  • A competitive salary plus performance based bonuses

  • Generous dental and medical benefits.

  • Your choice of equipment upon starting (Wacom tablet, Cintiq, keyboard, mouse, headphones, etc.)

  • 2 weeks holiday to start PLUS a month off from December 15th to January 15th.